About Us

WJ Financial Advisors, LLC was founded on the principles of exceptional service and individualized attention. We invest time with each client to get to know their goals and objectives. Each client at WJ Financial Advisors, LLC understands we have a vested interest in your success. It is our strong belief that customer service suffers when an Advisor has too many clients. We are very selective in committing to client assignments ensuring that each client benefits from individualized attention in meaningful contact to forge a strong professional partnership.

We believe in a simple and honest approach to managing your financial affairs. A baseline financial plan is the backbone of our working relationship. It provides a touchstone of where we have been, where we want to go and progress along the way. Regardless of your specific financial background and experience, we commit to communicating in a clear, concise manner and endeavor to eliminate or explain the sometimes confusing “financial speak” that often takes place in conversations with financial professionals.